​What to do in Lemon Grove, CA


If you’re like me than you are constantly trying to find new things to do. This can be even more difficult during the summer with the so much free time. Residents of Lemon Grove and San Diego look no further! I have compiled a list of 14 things to do in Lemon Grove, CA:

1. Take lessons from Garrett Band Instruments – A great local music store where you can repair or rent instruments as well as take lessons. They provide lessons in piano, drums, guitar, all band instruments, the violin and the viola.

lemon grove statue.jpg

2. Check out the World’s Largest Lemon! The lemon was constructed almost 90 years ago in 1928 and comes in at a whopping 3,000 pounds! This is quite a site for citrus lovers and citizens alike!

3. Movie Night! – This summer, the city of Lemon Grove will be hosting movies movies at the Berry Street Park on Friday nights. For more information on flicks and showtimes click here.

4. Lemon Grove Day Camp — Hosted by the city of Lemon Grove, this camp is a great place for your children to play sports, do outdoor activities, and have fun! There are sessions held during the summer, fall, and winter each year. For more information on the camp itself as well as session dates check it out here!

puppy in park.jpg

5. Paws in the Park – On Saturday July 30th, at the Civic Center Park the city of San Diego is hosting an event all about dogs! At the event there will be local rescue adoptions, low cost vaccinations, family activities and giveaways, food trucks, as well as a snap spay and neuter scooter. Click here to learn more about the event!

6. Grab some of San Diego’s best barbecue at Coop’s Barbecue. With almost 60 reviews and nearly 5 stars, Coops is considered to be Lemon Grove’s best restaurant. For more information on their location on food options check out their website here.

7. Help give back to the community – On July 23, the city of San Diego will be hosting a summer cleanup at the Civic Center Park! Click here for more information!

8. Get Active! — Sign up for any of the awesome activities or classes to get your heart rate pumping hosted by the city of Lemon Grove! You can sign up for a softball league, yoga (ONLY $3 per class!), pee wee sports, middle school basketball or Judo classes. For more information click here!

lemon grove library.jpg

9. Take a trip to the Lemon Grove Library to get your kids excited about learning or grab the newest best seller for yourself. The library hosts a series of activities including but not limited to citizenship classes, preschool storytime, and yoga. Here is a calendar of their events.

10. Have a picnic in any of Lemon Grove’s 6 parks! For more information on park hours and locations click here.

11. Learn about Lemon Grove history! Head on over to the Lemon Grove Parsonage Museum off of Olive Street which was at once the community’s first church!

12. Listen to some great music — Starting June 30th the city of Lemon Grove will be putting on a summer music series on Thursday nights at the Berry St. Park. Music ranges from 70s to jazz to country and everything in between. For more information on the shows and performers click here.

13. Grab some amazing Mexican food at El Pollo Grill off of Broadway. San Diego is known for their great Mexican food El Pollo Grill offers some great options. Check out their website for menu items and information!

14. Get your antique on — Get some vintage threads or redo your home with a classic look at the Lemon Grove Antique Mall. Located on Broadway street you will discover some great finds here!

Hopefully this lists gives you some ideas on having a great time in Lemon Grove… now get going!