Give your house the great first impression that Kim Kardashian didn’t get!


First impressions are critical in maximizing the profit of your home. While Kim Kardashian has moved well beyond her first impression, it might be a make it or break it selling point for your home. Ensuring that your house is in top condition can mean a difference of 5% to 20% in sales price! A walkthrough with an ROM Real Estate will give you all of the advice you need to help put your house in top shape. Here are some important steps in making sure that your home is ready for sale:


Make sure that it is clean:

Sellers in Lemon Grove can start by placing all of your excess furniture and things in storage. This will then make it easier to clean because you will have less to clean and less in the way. Depersonalize your home by removing all photos of you and your family. Remember that the buyer is looking to visualize their family there and not yours. Take the time to tidy, wash, and scrub all corners of your home. Think: a whole level beyond spring cleaning. Making sure your home is clean is an inexpensive and simple way to increase your home’s value.

painting home 1.jpg

Paint and repair:

After you cleanse your home to Mr. Clean’s standards it is vital to then paint and repair where necessary. A fresh coat on the outside of a house can do wonders for those driving by. Don’t forget to paint over those bright colored rooms and go for more neutral colors. While those bright beach house colors might go with the San Diego sunshine, they might strike the wrong cord with a buyer. Walk around your house and make note of the areas that need fixing and a plan to fix them. An important place to focus on is the kitchen. Since this is the place where families typically gather together, they oftentimes will use it as a deciding factor in buying your house. Even small touches like new lighting fixtures and faucets can go a long way. Another place to focus on is the front yard. Because this is the first thing that people see it can set the tone for the house. Taking steps like mowing the lawn, potting plants, and picking weeds are essential in providing more enticing curb appeal. While painting and repairing your home is essential, it is also important not to overwhelm yourself with too many projects. Be smart and delegate tasks that you cannot handle to the professionals.

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After making the necessary fixes to make your home both clean and in good condition you need to focus on presentation. The goal here is to create an environment where buyers can envision themselves living. Whenever I walk into IKEA I want to buy everything in their pre-designed rooms. This is because they do such a good job at staging rooms that connect with people’s emotions. You will want to do the same with your home, develop an environment that makes people want to buy your house. It all comes down to feeling, those who have the economic means to buy your home will be swayed by the emotions that incur when entering your home. Think about what sets your house apart from the rest.

But remember…

While it is great that your spend time fixing up your house, you do not need to fix everything. There is no need to do huge improvements or add new additions to your home because it is likely that it will not pay off. A key tip is to focus on what is visible because the better a house looks, the more it sells for.

Good luck with getting your house ready for sale!